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Welcome to Vitality By Massage, and thank you for taking the time to seek a bodywork therapist that fits your needs!

A little about me. I was licensed through the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts in 2007 in Grand Rapids, MI, where I studied medical massage, Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology, and Ethics. Many of my 10+ years of experience has been in the medical field working in chiropractic wellness centers and alongside doctors designing nutrition, wellness and rehabilitative programs with an emphasis on therapeutic massage. After graduating, I began working on animals performing rehabilitation and medical massage therapy before beginning to further my career working on human patients. I specialize in medical, deep tissue, pregnancy, and sports massage with an emphasis on the shoulders, neck, and

VITALITY by Massage offers the highest quality massage. I strive to help clients achieve positive results, carefully tailoring each session to meet individual needs. My massage business doesn't have all of the extra "frills" of a big spa, as a matter of fact I mostly work out of my home which allows me to keep my service prices affordable. I pride myself in providing excellent medical massage therapy in a comfortable, professional and relaxed setting.

What is Medical Massage and how is it different?

Medical massage therapy is based upon and performed according to neuromuscular findings. These findings include musculoskeletal alignments, fancy for posture, soft tissue evaluation, tissue densities, inhibition or lack of muscle development or atrophy, trigger and tender points (aka knots), fibrosis, pain and joint mobility.

How is it different from “normal” massage therapy:

1: Medical massage therapist use a variety of modalities, including the ART principle of assessing range of motion, joint mobilization, and soft tissue abnormalities.

2: Following the assessment of soft tissue, the first and second layers of tissue are prepped for deeper manual therapies.

3: The techniques used for deep tissue working to the level of periosteum (bone covering) will e performed by a skilled bodyworker which will make the patient much more comfortable during very deep tissue work,

4: Boney lever stretching and manipulations are used in order to create a greater release and balance the soft tissues to lead to a better and more complete recovery.

How is this accomplished?

1: Body positioning. To maximize a clients relaxation and to reduce postural tissue tensions that inhibit soft tissue healing.

2: Our concert of folding the tissue is applied for deeper, but still comfortable, work to the level of the bone covering.

3: The use of joint physics by performing: traction, shearing, torque, shaking, vibration, and in my case the addition of MediCupping, cold laser therapy (via Avant LZ30Z), and kinesiotaping, to help increase mobility and stability in certain joints.

What we DO NOT do as Medical Massage Therapists:

1: I will not diagnose you. I will simply guide you through treatments and recommend more advanced treatments by other professionals if the need presents itself.

2: I will insist on a medical diagnosis whenever applicable, or if improvements are not seen after a determined amount of time.

3: I take medical notes to continuously see findings, results, and adjust our work if any abnormalities arise.

4: Medical Massage therapists are true allied health care practitioners who keep detailed notes, maintain malpractice insurance, and behave ethically at all time.

** If the above sounds like something that meshes with the treatments you are after, then I may be the massage therapist for you. If not, I am happy to recommend another therapist’s office that may mesh better with your needs.